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T-Shirt Giveaway!


Hi guys! Since I’ve been getting such good feedbacks on my shirts, I’ve decided to do a little giveaway! The winner will be chosen randomly on July 22, 2014. Winner will have the option of any design shown on my Etsy store. The winner will be able to choose size, design and color (black, white…

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The Pigstarter 2014indiegogo campaign is live!!!
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The Pigstarter 2014indiegogo campaign is live!!!

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I need advice from anyone willing to help.

I have a lot of knitted items in stock right now, and haven’t really sold anything from my shop recently.

Should I go back to using etsy ? Would anyone even buy anything I’ve made? You can see some of my items items this blog, I’m just not sure if listing on etsy would be worth the risk.

If anyone has any input or tips for selling please let me know.

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I’m moving in the middle of august, and as I try to sort out my stuff I have come to the realization that I kind of have a lot of fucking yarn.  I have more yarn than I will ever knit anything with.  I need to get rid of it but I can’t bear to just throw it out - it has to go to loving homes!  So here’s the deal: reblog this post before July 24th and YOU CAN WIN YOURSELF SOME YARN!  There’s everything from koigu to kroy socks!


  • Only reblog once, please - it only shows up once in the list of notes and that’s what I’ll be picking the winners from.
  • I’ll ship to anywhere in North America
  • Please don’t request a particular hank or skein.  Random winners get random yarn.
  • There will be at least ten winners, probably more as I continue to find yarn secreted in random corners of my place.
  • Matching hanks will go to the same person.
  • Some of the hanks and balls are no longer very hanky or ball-ish because they’ve been in a hamper in my closet for a long time.
  • CAVEAT VICTOR: a lot of this shit has no lables!  I don’t know what it’s made of or how to wash it!


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